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Fall Leagues

Monday Senior League: League starts September 19th @ 10:00am. Must be 55. Cost: $7.00

Monday Early Mixed 4’s League: League Starts: September 26th @ 6:30pm.  Cost: $14.00.

Monday Late Mixed 4’s League: League Starts: September 26th @ 9:45pm.  Cost: $14.00.

Washington’s Wednesday Mixed 4’s League: League Starts: September 28th @ 6:30pm.  Cost: $14.00.

Wednesday Late Night  Mixed 4’s League: League Starts: Sept 28th @ 9:45pm.  Cost: $14.00.

Thursday Sanctioned Mixed 4’s League:  Highest Competition League Starts September 15th @ 7pm.  Cost: $14.00.

Butterline’s Sunday Night Mixed 4’s League:  League Started in late August.  Cost: $14.00.

Attn Businesses:  We have availability to floor a league late Thursday or Late Sunday. 

All Leagues are Handicap scoring. Teams of 4 (male and/or female)

Call if interested…215-952-4297…

Anyone that is interested in organizing a league with their company or business call Dan Ciecka, General Manager at 215 952-4297. Looking to fill a Sunday evening league.

Attention Bowlers: if you are an experienced league bowler or just starting out, PEP Bowl is a great place for a competitive league play.

If you are interested in league bowling at PEP Bowl, please fill out the form below and our general manager will contact you for more information.

All information is confidential and will not be shared with any other party.


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